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Amberoti Nikora
Country Focal Officer, Kiribati
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Brief Information

Amberoti Nikora hails from Kiribati and has been in the position of Country Focal officer since January 2013. Prior to becoming SPC HRSD staff he has extensive experience in Community work in his previous career as a member of Parliament for 19 years plus notable knowledge around policy and legislative reform and formulation.

His successes in the field of Human Rights include establishment of a human rights unit in 2016 with the unit fully manned and operational within the Ministry of Justice. Another success story from his career was his contribution to the campaign to set up a Ministry of Women in 2014. The Kiribati National Human Rights Task Force was also successfully endorsed and set up by the Cabinet in July 2015 making it easier to deal with human right commitments for Kiribati such as dealing with all outstanding state treaty reports on CRC, CEDAW and CRPD. An ongoing MPs human rights dialogue annually is one major undertaking for leaders including Mayors from all Islands as well as Church leaders in support of GBV and family violence. He is now instrumental in driving the government agenda in pursuit of establishment of the NHRI for Kiribati.

Amberoti holds a Bachelor of Technology from UNITECH PNG on Land management and surveying. He attended a legal professional legal practice (PDLP) in 2015.