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The Pacific Community (SPC) has launched its partnership in the Pacific Women Lead programme to improve gender equality and the lives of women across the region.

More than 300 people attended the hybrid event, held in person at Suva and online via a Zoom webinar, on 18 March 2022.

Also during the launch, was the announcement of the appointment of Mereseini Rakuita as the Principal Strategic Lead – Pacific Women, commencing 4 April. The high-level role is part of the Pacific Community (SPC) Senior Leadership, working across the organisation, and with member governments, development partners and the civil society sector. For more information:

Pacific Women Lead will support the implementation of key commitments as outlined in the Pacific Leader’s Gender Equality Declaration, the Pacific Platform for Action on Gender Equality and Women’s Human Rights and the outcomes of the Triennial Conference of Pacific Women.

Located within the SPC Human Rights and Social Development (HRSD) division, the Pacific Women Lead partnership with Australia commits over AUD 56 million to promote women’s leadership, women’s rights and increase the effectiveness of regional gender-equality efforts.

Pacific Women Lead was announced by the Australian Government during the 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women in 2021, along with plans to implement the AUD 170 million programme through partnerships with SPC, the civil society sector and development partners. SPC is the key implementing partner within the five-year regional programme.

Pacific Women Lead is at the centre of SPC’s work for gender equality, providing technical, convening and funding support to member governments, the civil society sector and other partners. SPC’s role in Pacific Women Lead signals the importance of Pacific priorities and Pacific leadership in driving gender equality in the region.


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