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One of the largest global commitments to gender equality, Pacific Women Lead aims to promote women’s leadership, realise women’s rights, and increase the effectiveness of regional gender equality efforts.

Australia has committed AUD 170 million to the five-year programme, including through its partnerships with the Pacific Community (SPC), women’s funds and other development partners. SPC is key implementing partner within the programme, with more than AUD 55 million dedicated to its work.

Pacific Women Lead is at the centre of SPC’s regional work for gender equality, serving as secretariat to the Pacific Women Lead Governance Board and providing technical, convening and funding support to government ministries, civil society and other partners. Within SPC, Pacific Women Lead sits in the Human Rights & Social Development (HRSD) Division. 

SPC’s role in Pacific Women Lead signals the importance of Pacific priorities and Pacific leadership in driving gender equality in the region.

Pacific Women Lead will support the implementation of key commitments as outlined in the Pacific Leader’s Gender Equality Declaration, the Pacific Platform for Action on Gender Equality and Women’s Human Rights and the outcomes of the Triennial Conference of Pacific Women. 

Program goal

Pacific women and girls, in all their diversity, are safe and equitably share in resources,
opportunities and decision-making, with men and boys.

Pacific Women Lead works toward achieving three end of program outcomes:

Building on the almost 10-year long-term Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development (Pacific Women) programme, Pacific Women Lead is one of the largest global commitments to gender equality. Read more about the transition from Pacific Women:


Australia announced the AUD170 million, five-year commitment for Pacific Women Lead at the 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women in April 2021. This investment complements Australia’s existing bilateral gender partnerships.

Commencing in 2021, Pacific Women Lead supports Pacific-led approaches and prioritises Pacific voices and ownership, through the establishment of a new Governance Board and new strategic partnerships with Pacific organisations.

Gender equality continues to be a shared priority for Pacific Island countries and Australia. As suggested by the name of the program, Pacific women will lead the program, define the problems and created locally-led solutions. Pacific Island people will drive strategy through a Governance Board with a strong and diverse membership from across the region, at least two thirds of women will be Pacific women. 

For more information about the program’s initial design, which has since expanded, refer to the original(link is external)  high-level design framework. .