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Aureline Konkon
PPAC Officer - Vanuatu
Staff Location:

Brief Information

Aureline hails from the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. Her role as the PPAC Vanuatu Officer is to provide support to CSOs and NGOs through advocacy training and sharing through workshops ongoing mentoring for grantees and with a mandate to strengthen their capacity and support their human rights advocacy in Vanuatu. Aureline has seven years’ of professional experience. She has previously been working for the Vanuatu Disability Promotion & Advocacy Association, World Vision Vanuatu and with the Vanuatu Women’s Centre. She has a broad experience in different fields of advocacy. She has always supported the Human Rights work in Vanuatu including supporting the Vanuatu Disability Promotion into submitting a shadow report to the UNCRPD committee in 2018. She is very enthusiastic when interacting with different group of people.