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Jayshree Mangubhai Team Leader
Team Leader Inclusive and Equitable Societies
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Brief Information

Originally from Fiji, Jayshree has over 18 years of experience in the fields of human rights and development working primarily in Australia and across South Asia. In her previous role as a South Asia Policy and Advocacy Officer with the international agency Christian Aid, she supported partners engaging in human rights advocacy and on issues of social inclusion across the South Asian region. She has also worked in the areas of education and employment rights, and access to justice for national civil society organisations in India, and been a consultant for different organisations in the areas of intersectional discrimination and violence, gender, social inclusion and human rights. She has a strong background in policy and action research, advocacy and lobbying, training and facilitation, technical assistance to government agencies, resource mobilisation and project management. Jayshree holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights at Utrecht University, as well as a Master’s degree in Human Rights, a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, and Bachelors of Law and Arts. Her role within HRSD includes a focus on disability rights, human rights education, climate change, mainstreaming rights-based approaches and working with community-based human rights advocates.