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Julia Korovou
Governance Adviser – PROJECT Governance programme.
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Brief Information

Born and raised in Fiji, Julia have more than 29 years of professional experience, largely working as a policy adviser and economist including programme coordinator in the public sector of Fiji. She has predominantly worked in most central agencies of the Fiji Government that comprised the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance-Budget Division, Ministry of National Planning and Development, Ministry of Public Enterprises & Public Sector Reform, Ministry of Local Government, and the Ministry of Education. Her work portfolio in the government of Fiji cuts across all sectors and most segments of society including regional and international functions. She also joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served in the Fiji Embassy in Tokyo, Japan where she performed the role of first line of Counsel to the Ambassador. She had a work placement experience in the Department of Finance and Deregulation in the Commonwealth Government of Australia, Canberra, and also had a stint at an internationally managed NGO based in Fiji during in which period she directed an ecosystems-based climate adaptation project. Julia hold degrees in economics, management and public administration and business administration.