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Julieanne Wickham
Human Rights Officer
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Brief Information

Originating from the Solomon Islands, Julieanne has worked extensively in the area of human rights, particularly in relation to the elimination of gender-based violence, where she has over ten years of experience in community development and training, young women’s empowerment, project management, advocacy, capacity building for non-governmental organisations, technical advice, and social policy work in her home country.

Prior to joining the HRSD, Julieanne worked for both government and non-governmental organisations. She was actively involved in the development of the Solomon Islands Family Protection Act 2014, including advocating for its passage in 2014. Following the passage, Julieanne worked with the Solomon Islands Government women’s ministry to coordinate the FPA’s implementation until 2017.

Julieanne joined the HRSD in 2020. Her key role at the HRSD includes supporting the Regional Working Group on the Implementation of Family Violence/Domestic Violence (RWG) through technical advice and secretariat support. She also provides technical advice and support to other HRSD programs as needed.

Julieanne has a special interest in research and monitoring, evaluation, and learning.