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Full Name:
Kathryn Relang
Country Focal Officer – RMI
Staff Location:
Marshall Islands

Brief Information

Katie is the former Executive Director of the national women’s umbrella organisation in the Marshall Islands called Women United Together Marshall Islands (WUTMI). Her work at WUTMI focused on advancing and empowering women of the Marshall Islands through projects that focused on: promoting women’s rights; ending violence against women; promoting gender equality particularly in leadership and decision-making positions; and support services for young mothers and their children. Her experiences include: advocacy (on social and environmental issues) with communities, church groups and Parliamentarians; research; managing programmes and budgets; providing technical advice and capacity development for both government and non-government organizations; and UN Treaty State and shadow reporting. Her Marshallese heritage and networks across the Marshall Islands are an asset to HRSD where in her role as Country Focal Officer she is based in Majuro to lead HRSD’s programme of work in-country.