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Mema Motusaga
Youth Development Adviser
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Brief Information

Dr. Mema Motusaga was born, raised and lived in Samoa for most of her life. Mema has over 20 years of professional experience, largely working as a social and community development practitioner in the Pacific. She joined the Pacific Community as Team Leader Youth and Social Inclusion under the Social Development Programme in 2018 following holding senior leadership positions with the National University of Samoa, Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development Programme and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. Dr. Motusaga has worked on a wide range of substantive areas, including youth and sports development, language and culture development, gender equality, violence against women, women’s economic empowerment, women in leadership, project management, human rights, education and good governance. Mema writes poems and stories on matters that affects her at work, in her family and community issues. Some of these poems have been published. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy from Victoria University in Melbourne.  Mema has published work on Women in Decision Making in Samoa, the Samoa Election of 2021 and Youth in Decision Making.