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Ranjesh Prakash
Social Inclusion Officer - PROJECT Governance
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Brief Information

Born and raised in Fiji, Ranjesh is an international human rights professional specialising in disability rights with expertise in equality and non-discrimination law, particularly in the developing world. He is a passionate advocate with unique professional and personal experience as a vision impaired individual. Ranjesh has 8 years of experience working for government agencies, research institutions and leading disability rights organisations. He similarly possesses strong leadership, advocacy, project management, research and fundraising skills. Ranjesh has a particular interest in disability inclusive development which fuels his conviction to uphold and defend the rights of Women, Children and other marginalised groups. He is equally committed in raising public awareness on the abilities of persons with vision impairment, and disability more broadly. Ranjesh holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) in International Human Rights Law from the University of Edinburgh Law School and a Bachelor of International Development Studies from the Australian Catholic University.