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Full Name:
Shelyane Lohn
North Pacific PPAC Officer
Staff Location:

Brief Information

Born and raised in Pohnpei, Shelyane attended elementary and high school in Pohnpei and went to University of Guam in Guam USA and studied Political Science with a minor in English Literature.  Currently she is the new North Pacific PPAC Officer based in Pohnpei, FSM. Shelyane was first introduced to PPAC since the beginning of 2018 with Care Micronesia Foundation and Micronesian Productions as Project Managers whose due diligence is to help introduce human rights in areas where it has been forgotten or introduced. During her time at PPAC they have helped Pohnpei State raise the Age of Consent and Marriageable Age from 16 years old to now 18 years of age. She along with the PPAC team also helped campaign for the state to investigate developing accessibility law for the disabled persons, in the same year the law on accessibility was passed. 

 In addition, Shelyane holds a project management IV certificate from University of South Pacific and a BA in Political Science. She is currently working towards another bachelor’s in psychology online.