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Cultural Etiquette in the Pacific

First published in 2005, Cultural Etiquette in the Pacific is an introductory guide to the diverse array of cultural knowledge and practices found throughout the 26 countries that SPC serves in the Pacific region. This new and revised second edition, produced by SPC’s Social Development programme, continues our commitment to sharing ideas and experiences in the region and to serve as an educational tool to ensure we can continue providing effective service to Pacific communities.
“This booklet will assist us to communicate in ways that are culturally appropriate, including the sharing of ideas and experience, and facilitate a deeper understanding of how Pacific societies operate.”

Dr. Stuart Minchin, Pacific Community Director-General

This booklet has been an invaluable resource for SPC staff working in Pacific communities over the last 15 years. New features include a compact fold-out version of the SPC Pacific map and detailed country maps for each entry. Country information has been updated to reflect recent changes to leadership and cultural protocols, and the layout has been re-designed to make it fast and easy to navigate while travelling or working in the region.

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